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We are happy to announce the arrival of Dr. Hollis’ Get Healthy Store! Please click the logo above to easily order supplements from Researched Nutritionals, Des Bio, Xymogen, Designs for Health, Pure Encapsulations and many more brands all in one place! We hope this new store makes ordering more streamlined for you. Please let us know if you have any questions ordering via this exciting this new platform.

We have partnered with Fullscript as our online supplement dispensary. Please click the link above to create/login to
your Fullscript account. You will always receive our 10% in office discount on all supplements ordered through Fullscript. No special code is needed.

To purchase supreme nutrition products please use the following link for doctors supplement

To order from Researched Nutritionals, either go to and click “register with Researched Nutritionals” and click on the link that says register now. Contact the office for the physician code.

You may purchase Xymogen through the following link or from the get healthy store.
You will need to enter in referral code “HOLAL”.

Designs for Health products are offered on Fullscript. If there is a product you cannot find there, please let us know.

Please order Pure Encapsulations Products from Fullscript where you will receive the 10% discount.

Most of Metagenics Products are available on Fullscript. You may also click the link above to shop Metagenics products and receive 20% savings off your first online order. Use practitioner code “AHollis”.

For microbiome labs. You can order on fullscript or directly from Microbiome labs. You will receive a 10% discount by following the following link.

To order CellCore supplements also known as Microbe Formulas, go to
Click the link to register as a patient and use the code “cv7YJNXC” in the space that asks for the patient direct code.

Click the logo to order Echo H2O

To purchase Lauricidin® supplements and products please click on the image above or here