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Many of you may or may not know that I grew up in Virginia Beach. I spent my summers as a child swimming in the surf, collecting seashells and enjoying the salty breezes and peaceful energies of the ocean front. It truly is my happy place.

As an adult I returned to the beach multiple times through the years renting different properties up and down the coast and unfortunately returned home sick on many occasions from moldy properties. One truly cannot tell from a photograph whether a rental will be contaminated with mold or not. What a disheartening experience it is to finally get to your highly anticipated beach rental just to get there and realize it is contaminated with mold! I then had an epiphany! What if I purchased a beach house and made sure it was mold free for myself and all my mold sensitive patients? It took 5 years to accomplish but I am beyond thrilled to announce the arrival of a truly mold free beach vacation rental in Topsail Beach, NC! This second-row beach house is not only steps from the ocean, but completely brand new, spotless, carpet free with professional grade air purifiers throughout!  See links below to check it out!

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