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New Patients and Fees

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New Patient Application

Please “Click Here” New Patient Application to download the New Patient Form.

Dr. Hollis desires to deliver personalized medical care and develop treatment plans specific for every individual patient. She desires to keep her practice small and deliver quality of care. For these reasons she follows a “fee for service model.” Patients will provide payment upfront for services. The patients will be provided with a superbill that they can them submit to their insurance.

Fee Schedule

Please keep in mind this is face to face time with Dr Hollis. These rates do not take into account the extraordinary time Dr Hollis spends reviewing your labs, thinking about your case, and preparing for your visit. There is also time on the back end such as refilling prescriptions, talking with pharmacies, the lab, etc that there is no charge for but is an integral part of your care here. Also functional medicine tests for hormones such as ZRT labs and the DUTCH test are offered at cost which is much less than can even be purchased online

Document Fees

Any forms completed during your scheduled office visit will not have any charges outside of the normal visit charge. Any forms to be completed or letters to be written on the patient’s behalf outside of a normal office visit will be billed at a rate of $40 per 5-minute increment of time spent.

Call 540.556.1061 to Schedule an Appointment

Feel free to contact the clinic to schedule an appointment or for additional information.